Perfect texture
is a whole other story

Active Powder Gelatin.
Perfect texture, precise performance.

GELECTA is the new active gelatin in powder form. 
The new generation of gelatin that is used directly in a recipe and with no pre-hydration.
PERFECT TEXTURE: the gelatin that introduces no unnecessary liquids to a recipe. 

The Gelatin of the Winners of the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie

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Active Powder Gelatin.
Perfect texture, precise performance.

When and how
to use Gelecta

Mousses, custards, glazes, aspics, jellies, ganaches, confectionery, pastry creams and wherever your imagination takes you.
GELECTA is ideal whenever a perfect cut, stability over time and the right balance between creaminess and consistency are required.
It is vital whenever there is a risk of the texture being compromised by thermal or mechanical stress.

Gelecta presents



Refocus the relationship between dessert and palate through the textures of the flavours.
Advanced lessons in which World Champions share their "Sensory Method": techniques and secrets for designing a dessert taking the palate of the consumer as the starting point.


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Welcome to Gelecta
Creative Pastry Lab.

Classes held by World Pastry Champions to design and create the perfect balance between textures and flavors, providing a pure sensory emotion