Cocoa glaze

How to design and create the texture in a cocoa glaze that needs to be able to cope with any thermal and mechanical stresses, such as standing for a long time on display?

World Champion Pastry Chef Francesco Boccia reveals his techniques.

The problem

The glaze is critical because it is the first thing that catches the eye. The risk is that the glaze could begin to melt if a cake stays on display for a long time, compromising its appearance and saleability.

The solution

The right compromise has to be found between creaminess, softness on the cake, stability and a perfect cut. Adding 1%-2% of Gelecta to the recipe prevents the glaze from oozing when cut or detaching itself from the dessert like a film.

The recipe


200g water
250g cream 35%
100g dextrose
125g cocoa 22/24
125g glucose syrup 42 DE
200g granulated sugar
200g neutral gelatin


Boil the water, cream and sugars, and add the cocoa, mixing with a whisk.
Leave at boiling point for 1 minute, then add the gelatin in powder and the neutral gelatin.
Dissolve everything well in a mixer; sift using a fine mesh sieve, and leave overnight in the fridge before using.

Gelecta, l’Active Powder Gelatin for perfect texture.

GELECTA is the new-generation gelatin with Active Powder technology so it can be added directly to a recipe without pre-hydration.