How to design and create the texture in a custard that needs to be able to cope with any thermal and mechanical stresses during delivery?

World Champion Pastry Chef Francesco Boccia reveals his techniques.

The problem

Whenever transport or delivery is involved, the texture of a custard may undergo strong mechanical and thermal stress. As a result, its stability – and the whole dessert – may have been compromised by the time it reaches its destination and is opened.

The solution

The perfect compromise has to be found between creaminess and stability. Adding 0.5%-0.8% of Gelecta to the recipe contributes to creating more lasting consistency, without affecting the creaminess and without rebalancing the recipe.

The recipe


1000g fresh whole milk
300g sugar
400g egg yolks
100g rice starch
Grated zest of 1 lemon
2 vanilla pods


Whisk the egg whites in a basin with the starch and sugar.
Boil the milk with the flavourings.
Pour the boiling milk onto the yolks in stages, mixing with a whisk, and add the gelatin powder.
Heat to 83°C, whisk and cool rapidly covered with cling film.

Gelecta, l’Active Powder Gelatin for perfect texture.

GELECTA is the new-generation gelatin with Active Powder technology so it can be added directly to a recipe without pre-hydration.