Dark chocolate crémeux

How to design and create the texture in a dark chocolate crémeux that needs to be able to cope with any thermal stresses, such as standing for a long time on display?

World Champion Pastry Chef Francesco Boccia reveals his techniques.


The problem

Time spent on display – due for example to the unpredictability of demand – is a major stress factor. The danger is that the texture of the dark chocolate crémeux may become dry.

The solution

Increase the hydration in the recipe in order to reduce the risk of the dessert getting dry, while preserving its creamy structure. Adding 0.5-0.8% of Gelecta facilitates the emulsion in the recipe, providing a creamier texture and lasting meltiness.

The recipe


398g fresh cream 35%
230g fresh whole milk
53g glucose syrup 40 DE
72g egg yolks
279g dark chocolate 70% coating



Heat the milk and cream to 85°C, and emulsify the yolks and glucose syrup.
Pour part of the boiling mixture onto the egg yolks, and blend.
Combine all the liquids little by little, and heat to 82°C.
Add the gelatin, and pour on the coating, mixing with a hand blender.

Gelecta, l’Active Powder Gelatin for perfect texture.

GELECTA is the new-generation gelatin with Active Powder technology so it can be added directly to a recipe without pre-hydration.