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Gelecta Cold’s Tech-in-Texture® core is 100% natural and guarantees the creation of perfect, technical structures in cold production processes where the taste profile of premium ingredients such as fruit could be altered by the activation temperatures of texturizers.

The first 100% clean label technological coreTech-in-Texture® is capable of managing synergically all the fundamentals of every modern dessert structure at the same time.

In fact, once it has been incorporated into mixtures, perfect, technical textures can be achieved with ease, because it is able to act on the fundamental elements in every technically perfect structure: Water, Emulsions, Air.

The state-of-the-art natural Tech-in-Texture® technology contained in the core of Gelecta Cold is the result of a synergic combination of the structuring properties of gelatin and plant fibres.

Why choose Gelecta Cold and its Tech-In-Texture core

Gelecta Cold Tech-in-Texture® has been designed to manage the fundamental elements of every perfect structure in aerated, creamy and gelatinous mixtures: water and emulsions

  • Water

    Gelecta Cold Tech-in-Texture® thickens and gelatinizes working cold: it bonds and manages the water to create the basic body in structures, providing them with the right density and viscosity without sacrificing the desired palatability and meltiness.

  • Bonding of Water-Fats

    Gelecta Cold Tech-In-Texture® facilitates any emulsions naturally, making final textures extraordinarily smooth, particularly shiny and melt-on-the-palate perfect.

  • Stabilization

    It stabilizes technical structuring functions over time: once the bonding and emulsifying have taken place, Gelecta Cold Tech-in-Texture® guarantees their stability over time to enable structures to perform correctly, even after defrosting.

Where and how to use it?

GELECTA COLD is used in all technical dessert preparations - from aerated to gelatinous mixtures - in which heating processes are not needed to activate the gelatin, or the delicate ingredients have no need to be worked hot.

Use GELECTA COLD without pre-hydration directly in mixtures containing a good amount of free water provided by the other ingredients (milk, cream, fruit purées etc.).

What are its advantages?

It creates the structure without needing to bring mixtures that do not require it up to temperature.

It accelerates the processes of creating and defining texture

It quickly adjusts the consistencies of fundamentals just before using them in the various production lines

It eliminates the problem of syneresis from freezing/defrosting, thanks to perfect control of the free water when ice crystals melt

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