Gelecta Cream


With Tech-in-Texture® technology at its core, Gelecta Cream gives whipped cream-based mixtures a structure that is always light and airy, and perfectly stable over time, even after defrosting.

The first 100% clean label technological coreTech-in-Texture® is capable of managing all the fundamentals of the structure of every modern dessert synergically at the same time.

In fact, once it has been incorporated into mixtures, perfect, technical textures can be achieved with ease, managing the fundamental elements over time for lasting performance: Water, Emulsions and Air.

The state-of-the-art natural Tech-in-Texture® technology contained in the core of Gelecta Cream is the result of a synergic combination of the structuring properties of gelatin and plant fibres.

Why choose Gelecta Cream and its Tech-In-Texture core

Gelecta Cream Tech-in-Texture® has been designed to act on the 3 basic elements which are at the foundation of every perfect structure in whipped cream-based mixtures.

  • Water

    Gelecta Cream Tech-in-Texture® thickens and gelatinizes working cold: it bonds and manages the water to create the basic body in structures, providing them with the right density and viscosity without sacrificing the desired palatability and meltiness.

  • Bonding of Water-Fats

    Gelecta Cream Tech-In-Texture® facilitates emulsions naturally, bonding fats and water to make final textures extraordinarily smooth and creamy.

  • Air

    Gelecta Cream Tech-In-Texture® also manages and controls the degree of incorporation of air throughout the mixing of the fresh or UHT cream in a planetary blender. It facilitates uniform, correct dispersion of the air through all the structure, making the texture of the whipped cream perfectly homogeneous, fluffy and light.

  • Stabilization

    It stabilizes technical structuring functions over time: once bonding, emulsifying and aerating have taken place, Gelecta Tech-in-Texture® makes them stable over time, guaranteeing that structures will perform correctly, even after defrosting.

Where and how to use it?

Use GELECTA CREAM in fresh cream to be whipped, and in all preparations in which whipped cream represents the base structure in a recipe.

It can be used to stabilize fresh or UHT cream to be put in a cream whipper.

Use GELECTA CREAM at a temperature of at least 6°C when starting to whip in a planetary mixer. Gelecta Cream can also be used mixed with other solids.

What are its advantages?

It stabilizes the whipped cream over time, preventing phase separation, and guaranteeing a light, airy texture

It eliminates the problem of syneresis from the freezing/defrosting process, thanks to perfect control of the free water from the melting of ice crystals

It manages the incorporation of air and its uniform distribution throughout the structure, and guarantees its slow release over time for a longer-lasting light, fluffy, aerated texture

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