Perfect Texture

Designing and delivering
Perfect Texture: a breakthrough
in “making gelatin”.

GELECTA helps pastry chefs quickly and easily find the specific texture that perfectly enhances flavours and aromatic notes.

It is scientifically proven that the texture of a dessert has a direct impact on the perception of flavour. The tsunami of sensations the pastry chef wants to convey to customers in an emotional experience is not just the result of lengthy fine-tuning of flavours. First and foremost, it is the pursuit of the right consistency to give that flavour.

The perception of taste - or sensory experience - goes far beyond flavour. Texture has a marked influence on how we perceive what we put into our mouths, and on the sensations this arouses.

extra precision

Milligram-perfect measurement of the amount to add to a recipe in order to obtain the right consistency in the end product every time, quickly and easily.

extra performance

With no water being added to the recipe, the consistency is more stable over time and capable of withstanding thermal and mechanical stress longer.

extra safety

No pre-hydration means working in total safety, eliminating many of the risks of contamination and bacterial growth that the addition of water can produce.

Texture Science


GELECTA creates different degrees of texture with extreme precision and simplicity: from soft through creamy to firm, depending on the amount of product added to the recipe.

Although texture depends on several factors, such as the quantity and type of solids and liquids in a recipe, GELECTA optimizes their sensory function and improves performance (perfect cut, lasting structure, the right degree of creaminess and softness, etc...)

Texture is consistency of flavour. And perfect consistency is what makes it possible to give that taste substance within the context of the creative idea of a dessert. So it is the intimate synthesis of flavour, substance and creativity. This is what perfect texture is really about.
And it is therefore essential in achieving the pastry chef’s goal: the experiencing of “true pleasure” when their sweet creation is tasted. Francesco Boccia WORLD PASTRY CHAMPION - LYON 2015
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