Gelecta: the cutting edge in creating texture

GELECTA is the new generation of active gelatin in powder form which can be added directly to a recipe with no pre-hydration.

Where is it used?

Mousses, custards, glazes, aspics, jellies, ganaches, confectionery, pastry cream and wherever your imagination takes you.

GELECTA is ideal whenever a perfect cut, stability over time and the right balance between creaminess and consistency are required.

It is vital when there is a risk of the texture being compromised by heat or mechanical stress.

Why choose it?

Using GELECTA makes it possible to achieve perfect texture and eliminate processing that provides no added value, meaning the pastry-chef can concentrate on what really matters and makes the difference in the end product: TASTES, TEXTURES AND CREATIVITY.

  • Production

    It cuts recipe times and eliminates the risk of adding excess free water, improving stability in the end product.

  • Storage

    No preparation means less space occupied in the fridge by the mass of gelatin, and no risk of bacterial growth.

  • Work

    It reduces the amount of work involved in a recipe and additional processing time, making way for more creativity.

  • Optimization

    It is added directly to the recipe, and only as much as and when necessary, meaning no wastage or unused gelatin at the end of the day.

  • Italian product

    GELECTA is produced in the Langhe, at the heart of the Piedmont region of Italy.

How is Gelecta used?

Directly in a recipe, without pre-hydration, as much as necessary and when needed!

As is
You add it directly to a recipe: hot and without pre-hydration.
Or if you like, in the traditional way.

As much as necessary
You add as much as you need to get exactly the texture and performance you want.

When needed
You only use it when it is needed by the recipe, with no additional processing required.

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