Whipped white chocolate ganache

How to design and create the texture in a whipped white chocolate ganache that may need to cope with the thermal and mechanical stresses involved, for example, in the context of a banquet or big event

World Champion Pastry Chef Francesco Boccia reveals his techniques.

The problem

Before a dessert is consumed at a big event it will be subject to a lot of thermal and mechanical stress. The texture of a whipped ganache, for example, has to remain soft and creamy over time without losing its shape.

The solution

Find the right compromise between creaminess and stability by rebalancing the recipe, or do it more quickly and easily by adding 0.5%-0.8% of Gelecta to guarantee the stability of its structure without altering its lightness.

The recipe


310g fresh whole milk
380g white chocolate
500g fresh cream 35%


Boil the milk and pour onto the chocolate and gelatin powder.
Let the chocolate melt, and remove part of the milk to start to create a bright, elastic emulsion with the spatula.
Add the milk little by little, starting to whisk with a blender.
Drizzle in the cold cream, continuing to emulsify with the blender, and leave to crystallize in the fridge for 12 hours before using.
Whip in the planetary mixer with the beater at medium speed until the texture is creamy and firm.

Gelecta, l’Active Powder Gelatin for perfect texture.

GELECTA is the new-generation gelatin with Active Powder technology so it can be added directly to a recipe without pre-hydration.